Wafuramen Yondai-me Hinodeya


By adopting the techniques of authentic Japanese cooking,
we’ve created high-quality soup for our wafu Japanese taste ramen.

The Fourth Generation Hinodeya is the pride of Sasala Group because this ramen shop alone has inherited the name of the old Hinode-ya, a dining place which was established in 1885 and has survived for more than 130 years.

Our rich but clear ramen soup with distinctively Japanese flavor, which we are especially proud of, has amazed ramen lovers in Japan. In fact, it is a product of the continued efforts by CEO/chef Masao Kuribara, who had trained himself to be a master of Japanese cooking while working under leading authorities on Japanese cuisine. When creating the brothy wafu (Japanese tastes) soup, Masao personally tried various combinations of ingredients and cooked countless sample soups by employing every technique used in Japanese cooking.

Top-quality kelp and dried bonito flakes plus dried small sardines are used to make the base of our sophisticated clear wafu soup, and then some chicken and scallop are added to complete it. This is the soup that only Wafu Ramen, the Fourth Generation Hinodeya can produce.



All items on the menu are wafu (Japanese tastes).



The most popular wafu ramen at Hinodeya. Just try it first!



The ultimate wafu ramen!
The sophisticated wafu-soup and big chowder clams are the perfect match.



Unique pure wafu-soup,
light but tasty, is made using scallop and tuna.



Shoyu ramen is in soup flavored with best-quality soy sauce.



Shio ramen is in soup flavored with best-quality salt.



“Tsukemen” is a type of ramen in which the noodles and tsukejiru (dipping soup) are kept separate, and the noodles are to be dipped in the rich soup before eating, like zaru-soba.

Topping menu




Wafu ramen worked out to be enjoyed with your five senses

The Fourth Generation Hinodeya, a ramen shop which has inherited the name of the old Hinode-ya established in 1885, boasts a long history of more than 130 years of professionalism and dedication. Living up to the tradition, we’ve been honestly committed to creating “Wafu ramen worked out to be enjoyed with your five senses.” This is the basic concept for our ramen and the atmosphere where you eat it.

We have carefully considered the factors that will induce you to feel comfortable and satisfied at our shop, such as surrounding sight, soothing sound, sweet smell, and sincere service of servers and staff. In addition, we have extensive experience of managing Sasala and Sora in our hometown of Hasuda, both of which are Sasala Group’s Japanese dining places. We have long served authentic Japanese dishes to our customers in the restaurants. This gives us an edge over other ramen shops.

In the field of ramen, too, we are aiming to produce such an ramen shop as you want to take the trouble to visit and eat its ramen there, not the average one which you visit just to satisfy your appetite. At Hinodeya, we are as much committed to the quality of our cooking as at Sasala. You will be thrilled and satisfied with our ramen as it gives you back more than the price.

In order for visitors to enjoy the event of dining with their “five senses,” the Fourth Generation Hinodeya will provide you a cozy atmosphere and a first-class service suitable for our concept. You will be entertained by the exquisite harmony of our wafu ramen and the Japanesy surroundings.


Our ramen soup has been produced by a past master/chef who has trained himself at top-class Japanese restaurants.

Hinodeya’s ramen soup has been created by CEO/chef Masao Kuribara, who got a tough training to be a master of Japanese cooking while working under leading authorities on Japanese cuisine. When producing the wafu (Japanese taste) ramen soup, Masao himself tried various combinations of food materials and made a lot of sample soups by using techniques of Japanese cooking.

Our rich but clear ramen soup with distinctively Japanese flavor has overturned accepted ideas about ramen, and amazed ramen lovers in Japan. Only two years after the opening of Hinodeya, our awesome ramen won the first prize in the online contest of SAITAMA BEST RAMEN 2014 run by Tabelog, one of the biggest databases of restaurants in Japan, providing original rankings based on reviews from users. Again in 2016, Hinodeya has been chosen out of 38,000 ramen shops among the final nominees for TABELOG JAPAN RAMEN AWARD 2016 (north Tokyo area) conducted by the same research company.

We have two types of ramen soup; one is chicken/fish-based soup made from chicken bones, kelp, dried small sardines, dried bonito, scallop and other seafoods. The other is pure-wafu Utaya soup made from tuna, kelp and scallop, which is used for Utaya Ramen.

The noodle itself is also produced exclusively for our wafu ramen

Lots of ramen shops order or outsource noodles from outside, independent noodle makers. Hinodeya, however, makes original noodles in the shop every day, which are best suited for our ramen soup. We prepare ramen noodles twice a day for lunch and dinnertime so that our customers can enjoy fresh noodles. Suitable for the special soup, our mellow egg-noodles are made from a mixture of domestic wheat flour and some whole wheat flour plus egg. We have insisted on creating good noodles, making a lot of samples, and those finally completed have achieved both an appropriate combination with the soup and a tasty texture.

Sasala history18


In 2016 Wafu-Ramen Shop HINODEYA is going to open in San Francisco this summer.

Ten years after the opening of Sasala, the center of Sasala Group, we are preparing for the opening of our fifth dining place Wafu-Ramenv[Japanesy Ramen] the Fourth Generation Hinodeya in San Francisco. This will be our first shop outside Japan in our long history.

Address : 1737 Buchanan Street San Francisco, CA 94115, USA
Call : 415-757-0552