is a fusion of Japanese eating and drinking places,
which manages Japanese Restaurant Sasala as a headship, at present steering
Soba Dining Sora, Wafu-Ramen Hinodeya and Robata Sumiyaki Toraya in Japan.

Japanese Restaurant Sasala, center of Sasala Group, has a history of over 130 years of operation,
originating from Hinode-ya established in 1885.
The name Hinode-ya was changed into Sasala in 2006, and we started a new history as a modern
Japanese dining place which serves authentic Japanese kaiseki cuisine.



Welcome to the website of Sasala Group. I'm CEO/chef Masao Kuribara. We are a group of several kinds of dining places which has a history of more than 100 years. In the summer of 2016, our group has branched out into America after making thorough preparations. I'm sure you can enjoy our authentic Japanese cuisine in San Francisco.

History of Sasala

The origin of Sasala goes back to Hinode-ya, a small dining place which my great-grandparents started. You will be introduced to our over 100 years of tradition that has been handed down from one generation to the next in my hometown of Hasuda City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

Shop List

Sasala group is now operating four dining places in Japan, with Sasala as a main restaurant. Every one of our dining places has inherited the tastes and skills of Japanese cooking from Sasala. Appearance and interior of the buildings, which are carefully planned and designed, will also entertain you.

Sasala Group Shop Guide

Japanese restaurant Sasala

Japanese restaurant

Our main dining place which has inherited a long tradition of honesty over a century from Hinode-ya.

Soba Dining SORA

Soba Dining

Our second dining place which features handmade soba and kushi-age, or deep fried delicacies on skewers.

Yondai-me Hinodeya


Our third dining place which has inherited the brand name Hinode-ya founded in 1885, and specializes in wafu-ramen, or Japanesy Chinese noodles.

Robata Sumiyaki Toraya

Robata Sumiyaki

Our fourth and latest dining place opened in 2015, at which you can enjoy popular Japanese cooking casually.